Event log forwarding is a good way to consolidate all event logs in a central location or to a central server (Syslog, etc.) to reduce the hassle of logging into every server and checking logs individually. A couple of benefits to forward event logs in Windows are as follows:

  • Specify Certain Events to be Forwarded by ID, source, Type or whatever other parameter you would like to specify.
  • Store Events for Auditing purposes.
  • Consolidate and Filter Events in One Location/Server.

Innovare's EventLog-Forwarder is an easy-to-use to forward Windows EventLogs to a central Syslog Server. The EventLog-Forwarder can act in three modes: TCP, UPD or SSL, where the latter is preferred as logs are sent SSL encrypted over the network The usage of the EventLog-Forwarder is as simple as it gets:

  1. Just fetch it from hour GitHub https://github.com/innovarew//eventlog-forwarder.
  2. And, change the %server% variable to point to your central Syslog server.
  3. Last, schedule an hourly/daily cron task to execute the BATCH file.

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